The ePW Advantage

ePublishing Works (ePW) authors enjoy an 80% to 85% royalty payout—the largest royalty payout percentage made by any publisher in the industry, today.
Still, we sometimes get the question "is ePW is worth the 15%"? It's a valid question.
Here's the short answer: ePW takes care of making their authors money so that they can do what they do best: write the next story that readers will love.
How important is that next book? If you attend author conventions (and even if you don't) you've likely heard "your money is in your next book". Given the expectations of today's reader and expanding sea of 4.4 million ebooks, keeping your readers in fresh content (two to three new books a year) is more important than ever. Writing like that takes time.
But that's the simple answer.
So, what do you really getting for that 15%? Here's the short list.
1. Sales copy development.
2. Focus Group evaluation of cover and copy.
3. Review gathering (no more begging for reviews!) so your new-release becomes promotable, faster.
4. A marketing team that actively promotes your books to eRetailers, promo venues, and via social media.
5. Promotion campaign development.
6. Sale-pricing that causes Amazon to pay-out 50% more royalties on a 99c book.
7. If a promo is missed because an eRetailer didn’t sale-price properly or on-time, ePW pays for the missed promo, not you.
8. Full and free access to eBook Discovery (now growing by 4600 readers every month). Includes:
a. eBook Discovery author page which sells the next book to the reader.
b. eBook Discovery Read and Review club, which allows your book to become promotable, faster.
c. eBook Discovery Special Offer promotions.
9. Continual re-formatting/reworking of ebook files to keep up with the latest eReaders/Apps.
i.e.: Currently we are re-formatting all promotable ebooks so that Amazon doesn't interrupt the reader until that reader has read past the excerpt, and has had a chance to make a buying decision via the eBook Discovery Author Page.
10. Ever-expanding expertise that allows us to do all of the above while keeping an eye on what's coming/changing/shifting, and positioning your books (and your next book) for maximum exposure.
And, we do all of this while paying out 80% to 85% to our authors. And we only get paid when we succeed.
For authors who would rather write books
than try to figure out how to format, upload,
and promote books, ePublishing Works is  for you.
~Patricia Rice, Bestselling Author
Can authors get all of the above—piecemeal—somewhere else? Kind-of.
Will those folks do all of the above and wait until the eRetailers pay you so you can pay them? Not likely.
Will those folks do all of the above and care about you and your books so much that they will forego payment if the efforts don't produce enough money? No.
And...while you are managing and paying all of these folks to promote your current book, can you also be writing your next book so that you can then promote that book (and the prior book), while writing the next book?
ePW is the right choice for authors who understand that their money (and their future) is in having the time to write the next book.
After all, someone's gotta feed the readers in your genre. May as well be you.