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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Richard Bowker

Critically-acclaimed author Richard Bowker has published a variety of novels including science fiction, mysteries and thrillers.When he isn't writing, Richard enjoys life with family and friends, and offering thoughts on writing, reading and learning.

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Science Fiction
Alternate Realtiy

T.L.B. Wood

T.L.B. Wood began her appreciation of literature at an early age, encouraged by her mother who was an English teacher. T.L. is a certified adult behavioral health clinical nurse specialist and works as a case manager as well as a clinical instructor at a school of nursing. She and her husband share a love of nature, and more than one rescued dog or cat in need of a caring family has found a forever home with the Wood Family. When not feeding and caring for her menagerie, T.L. can be found at her desk, writing, or taking long walks as she envisioned new stories to be told.

Patrick Astre

Award-winning author Patrick Astre served in the US Army Infantry, stationed in Germany during the height of the Cold War. Rising to the rank of Sergeant E-5, Astre finished his last year of service as a Drill Instructor at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Phoebe Conn

New York Times bestselling author and former kindergarten teacher, Phoebe Conn firmly believes all matter of story conflict and mayhem can lead to a Happily Ever After. Inspired long ago by Ricardo Montalban's commercial for romance books, Phoebe remains enthusiastic about writing and giving her beloved characters happy endings.

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Marilyn Campbell

USA Today Bestselling author, Marilyn Campbell is a true thrill-junkie who believes a great roller coaster ride can cure whatever ails her. Marilyn resides in Massachusetts, with her four-legged companions, Milkdud and Sweetie.

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